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World Youth Skill Day

15 July World Youth Skill Day

For getting jobs in companies & startups, youth get help from upskilling.

By investing in young peoples’ health and education, nations with their huge population benefit highly to protect and ensure their rights.

Today’s youth with not an iota of doubt are tomorrow’s leaders apart from being the makes, builders and trendsetters. They are the most dynamic and powerful population segment in any country. And the countries having their enormous population are likely to benefit greatly by investing in protecting their rights and ensuring their education and health. But today’s youth, for transforming their future, need essential support as excellent opportunities for developing skills and health. Any country’s economy triggers only fewer mouths to feed than the hands available for work.


The youth unemployment problems are visible clearly in India that can cause social unrest as it is not good for the growing economy. Providing more training for skill development than given in recent years will help reduce the unemployment problem. Unfortunately, only 2% of the total workforce in India has received skill training so far. And over 75% of the Indian youth never took part in any skill development programs.

Any nation must put extra effort to upskilling the youth and making them ready to make a mark in this most competitive world. The skills considered necessary five years back may be outdated today in this continuously changing world.

Hence, upskilling comes into play for making the youth job-ready by bridging the vast gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements to make them think out of the box and gain real-time work experience. In this era of shifting business priorities and rising automation, upskilling becomes more vital. It is more than a new term for professional training and development. To be relevant and outsmart others in this highly competitive world, upskilling teaches new skills to the employees. It is coming at a time where it is not any more luxury but an essential need.

Upskilling is helping today’s youth to get jobs in many established companies and startups. It increases their productivity, keeping them in sync with the continuously changing world of work by converting their proficiency in theoretical knowledge to practical applications. Moreover, they want enthusiastic youth with good knowledge of the new and best business practices to be competitive.

upskilling transform today's youth to be more:

  • To contribute to the company’s success by increasing their productivity with scientific-oriented and broad-mind
  • To tune and accommodate for the changes by encouragement for becoming more adaptable.
  • To take the organization on the successful path by helping to build a powerful engine by setting realistic goals.
  • To enable companies for placing fresh perspectives on the table by leveraging the new technologies.
  • To recover from the unprecedented crisis’ effects by the company and be ready for the “future of work.”

With the driving growth of startups, SMBs or small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, India is fast becoming the world’s fastest-growing economy. However, a recent survey confirms the significant challenge for Indian entrepreneurs, especially in SMBs, is keeping up with the technological developments even with the digital adoption by businesses is helping this impressive growth. In terms of market growth and efficiency, they will recognize the benefits of adopting digital technologies, which still get intimidated by every day’s growing solutions rapidly. Hence for reaping business benefits, they require like-minded you with upskilling training to have any technical skills. It includes problem-solving, complex reasoning, and data interpretation for implementing digital solutions rather than having only technical capabilities.

Closing comments

Youth need to have digital literacy on top priority as its innovations affect all companies. In this digital era, the world or the ecosystem is rapidly changing, for the formal education or schooling systems cannot upgrade at the same speed. Hence to construct our nation, it is our responsibility for upskilling them to do their part of economic and social responsibilities. It is to make it a habit with new sources and learning models. Many startups are already providing support and resources for upskilling the youth to become part of their growth story. With assets of new-age competency, digital skills and creating thinking, youth gets called upon to help with recovery efforts. For economies worldwide, the force will be the future disruptors.

Are you an enthusiastic and young jobseeker? Please feel free to contact us and get more growth opportunities.

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