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Job Openings adversely – Survey

COVID 19 second wave to affect permanent staffers' job openings adversely - Survey

57% of the survey respondents believe that the overall hiring freeze will significantly affect the new job positions to cause suffering for the permanent employees.

Only 43% of survey respondents noted that the temporary or gig workers would suffer from the impact on the new job positions.

The survey says that in the middle of the COVID-19-second wave, the career opportunities for fresher level permanent workers adversely affect. In contrast, the gig or temporary workers seem to be better off.


In the Genius Consultants, a staffing and HR services company’s survey, 57% of the respondents confirm that there will be a significant impact of the overall hiring freeze in the fresh job opportunities for the permanent employees.

The survey also noted that only 43% of the respondents confirm the same for the gig or temporary workers.

Across sectors, over 1,000 company leaders and executives took part in the survey conducted from May 28 to June 30, 2021.

CMD R P Yadav said that hiring in India witnessed an upward curve because of the steady economic recovery during the beginning of the year. But the hiring country’s hiring process and employment rate got hit by the overwhelming situation because of the COVID 19-second wave. Moreover, there were job losses across sectors because of the mobility restrictions.

Yadav further said that because of ecommerce sector offering a wide range of job openings, the gig or temporary workers seem to be better off than the permanent counterparts.

69% of the respondents in the survey believe that the most vulnerable sector is hospitality and travel, followed by manufacturing, media and entertainment.

Since the country under COVID 19-second wave grip, most respondents believe the overall hiring process is put on hold. In addition, there is severe impact on several sectors because of is severe restrictions and lockdown imposed in many states.

But, India Inc is optimistic for the market to recover by year end, said Yadav, as it is only a temporary halt.

The survey concluded that 51% of respondents were optimistic, and 61 % expect robust growth in the private sector hiring.

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