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For organizations to become people-worthy in the future, they should focus on employees’ well-being

The well-being concept grew into a complex discussion today because of the simple issues centered on work overload. The discussion is about the ways of investment by the organizations to ensure integrating employees’ well-being within the work design itself.

Author: Ramya Sampath Sharma

COVID 19’s unprecedented impact damaged social-economic development and disrupted the businesses’ working models. For enabling the employees to be filled with purpose to be more effective and impactful even after one year of it, there is the emergence of a new imperative for Chief People Officers for their well-being and good health in the organizations with the backing of technology to work by remote operations.


What was earlier a simple abstract notion has now become tangible and a reality. The organizations cannot achieve the successes they aim for without their significant assets, including the people’s physical, emotional, occupational, and mental well-being. Today it has become the complex discussion with the start of the simple issues centered on the work overload for the many ways the organizations invest to ensure their employees’ well-being by integrating it within the work.

There is a drastic shift seen towards employees’ wellness during the pandemic perspective and scenario. The employees prefer and want to have their work designed by integrating their personal lives with emotional, mental, and physical care now more than ever before, along with empowerment and financial security for being engaging and fulfilling even with coming back to the office or not. It’s a fact that the pandemic has made everyone pivot internally in the ways that employees seek in workplaces.

Hence, well-being is offering a few benefits and enhancing the feeling with a focus on related aspects. For example, it includes opportunities to apply autonomy over employees’ work-life structure and clarity at work with a supportive environment.

What should the organizations do for it? How do they create emphatic and supportive workspaces for fulfilling the employees’ purpose and the organization to achieve its aims?

The organizations should focus on four areas

Holistic health & well-being: Now, there is a broader meaning for health and well-being beyond the physical to mental and emotional with a proactive approach for the employees’ fitness. All will witness organizations providing psychological support and there will be craft benefits focusing on financial and family support. Above all there will be a well-being approach created for acknowledging various aspects that will go into the employees’ feeling healthy.

Meaningful work: Our ability to feel well at work gets driven by two aspects. In whatever way we define it, one aspect is the notion there is meaning for ourselves in work, and the other is having the autonomy to do it. The operations’ team design should enhance the experience of high work-capability that fits the individuals while speaking about meaningful work.

The autonomy to work and working hours: Even after knowing that the ability to have autonomy is one of the well-being aspects for some time, only now it extends to provide freedom for choosing the workplace, the number of working hours, among others. Creating hybrid workplaces by the organizations will become essential for having both a sense of community and privacy for those choosing it.

Work environment enabling well-being: The final focus is to enable a sense of well-being and create work environments that are transparent, highly trustable, and support and empathetic.

The new normal for the near future is remote working.  Hence, People Officers’ imperative should be to prioritize employees’ health and well-being more than even their work commitments and role. There should be a full focus on the people strategy needs for building a futuristic enterprise.  The brand that the organizations should invest more is on health as it is the base for peoples’ well being.

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