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Employees Well Being

Employee’s well being is very Crucial. Employers should Empathize, Encourage, Celebrate and Support employees.

In the last year, there was a pragmatic shift in the workplace dynamics. The work from home culture gained importance like never before, as remote operations became the new normal.  The pandemic is pushing the entire world to increase the importance of health and make it critical for companies to ensure employee wellbeing.  Many started wellness programs for stressing the importance of workplace healthy living to ensure that employees realize their value and get appreciated to be at their productive best.


Murthy Vaidheeswaran, the CEO of QR Solutions, a leader in IT Professional Services and Product Development, says that team members have a sense of belonging during these tough times by finding joy in small things. It is because of taking utmost concern of the employees’ health and safety as the priority to be an integral part of all their initiatives.

In these difficult times, even doing a small kind of help will go a long way, and hence celebrating small milestones during these challenging times brings happiness to the employees for making the workplaces successful. The company has consistently embarked on new initiative’s to encourage and boost employee morale by commending and celebrating milestones like project completion or product launch or a special occasion. Murthy makes it a point to involve employees in company-led initiatives through mentoring and collaboration.  To conclude, he says that for all these initiatives engineered by his company, the employees show their gratitude by providing exceptional and commendable customer service during these pandemic times.

Bennet and Bernard, a Goa-based multi diversified firm, always believe in empathy towards valid employee services.  Its director, Fabiola Mendes e Rodrigues, says of taking cognizance of the challenging times to commit positively for the employees’ wellbeing with time, money and effort. He says that their employees go the extra mile to help colleagues to have a balanced work-life. For reducing the employees’ stress and improving their morale, the company has introduced many wellbeing initiatives.  It includes yoga sessions, flexible work hours, virtual work, vaccinations, health workshops, physical and mental wellbeing sessions, and competitions among employees for fitness with rewards. The company focuses more on ensuring the employee team’s wellbeing, emphasizing work prioritization to do only the urgent needed work immediately and have enough time to spend for their family wellbeing.

315Work Avenue founder Mr Manas Mehrotra, a leading coworking player, says that maintaining the work-life balance has never been important as it is now.  Because of the inability to differentiate between personal life and work, many employees are facing burnouts.  He believes demarcating the boundaries between work and home and following them strictly with self-discipline is the key to a healthy balance.  For ensuring the employees’ motivation for not losing their efficiency in the challenging times, the company took many team building measures like conducting motivation sessions and fun online content by the management for collective participation of employees and team managers.  The company arranged counseling sessions for those working at home as isolation turns them to be gloomy in these tough times.  Also, there is a tie up with ProPhysio to assist with tailor-made solutions by their team of physiotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists for isolated employees needing medical experts’ support.  For the post-COVID employees, the company has taken many measures like stress management, mediation, an online yoga and flexible working hours. The COVID employees get encouragement to use spare time to learn new skills or work for updating to better themselves. Also, the company provides free vaccinations for the employees and their spouse, concludes Mr Mehrotra.

Because of the current challenging situation, though the idea of work from home has some flexibility, there is a need for understanding employees’ schedules with empathy.  Also, it is important for staying balanced and relaxed as the situation is full of anxiety and stress.  Hence the need of the hour is a working culture that has an acceptable approach, forward-looking and sustainable.

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