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Boost in hiring activity across most of the sectors report

In June there is a boost in hiring activity across most of the sectors-Report

The report depending on the data posted on the job portal SCIKEY Market Network, states that data reveals a continuous uptick in the IT sector in June. However, there is improvement showed in the hiring activity of many other sectors. For example, as per the data revelation, there is a 21% improvement in the banking sector on a month-on-month basis from May to June.


As per the report, there is positive growth witnessed in the overall activity in most of the sectors during June because of the steady easing of lockdowns. In addition, the report by SCIKEY Market Network, a job site, states that the newly added job listing during June suggests that there will be a recovery even for the non-tech sectors and improved hiring activity of other sectors.

The report further states that apart from the 18% increase in the hiring activity of IT and the 21% increase in the banking sector, there are improvements in other sectors. For example, it includes 18% in BPO, 20% in the health sector, and 16.9% in the pharmaceutical sector. Hence, those looking for jobs in other sectors after their badly affected sectors will have a ray of hope from this increase in hiring activity. It also includes the rise of 12 % in insurance, 5% in retail, 12.1% in education, and 16% in FMCG. But the report also confirms a decline in hiring of 8% in the telecom sector from May to June.

Also, there is comprehensive growth in sales, marketing, and HR roles, which is 20, 19.9, and 12.1 percent, respectively.

And also positive growth witnessed in job roles like site engineering and software developers each of 11.8%. For roles in finance and project manager, it is 9.9 and 4.9 percent respectively.

In June compared to May, a robust double-digit increase in the hiring activity in various lockdown trials saw tier I cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai with 12%, Kolkota 20%, Delhi 1%, and Pune 6%.

But Banglore recorded a 2% decline data revealed. On the other hand, there was a significant rise of 22 and 33 % in tier-II cities like Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The report further confirms that while the hiring trends for leadership level went up by 8%, it is was 18% for fresh graduates. As a mild relief to the job seekers, there was picking of steam in hiring during June. Since the lockdowns, there was a rough patch across many sectors; this decent pace of rising for the job market to bounce back is good to see after the recession because of the pandemic. Karunjit Kumar Dhir, cofounder of SCIKEY, concluded by saying that they are hopeful of recovery in the hiring activity increasing more in the coming months

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