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In these pandemic times, providing people with home-based work

In these pandemic times, providing people with home-based work

The freelancing field is the sector that has grown in the Indian Subcontinent in the worst situation of the pandemic.

The arrival of COVID-19 since 2019 is alarming. There is a traumatic transformation for the entire world in the development and livelihood scenario. Peoples’ physical and mental well-being got affected miserably because of its financial crisis.

home-based works

In the last two years, there has been an alarming rise in the unemployment rate, and there is the same effect on education. To fulfil their daily needs, people have taken up tasks additionally to make money. In such a situation, one sector that sees rapid growth is the freelancing field in the Indian Subcontinent.

The Writers Community provides home-based work offers to the people amidst the chaos caused by the pandemic.

Ankit Dev Arpan & Shanya Das founded this organization to offer job opportunities and enhance peoples’ skills.

The Writers Community for all the multinational and small scale companies is building a digital solution now. It will be a “tantra” based on a Freelance Support System amassed with freelancers. The aim of this scheme as per the firm is to offer freelancers work in all other sectors like accounts, HR, marketing and customer support.

The firm claims that freelancers will get enormous job opportunities through this support system and benefit them in many other ways. Remote working is possible by freelancers by sitting at the comfort of their homes. The community says that it will encourage people for living a sustainable eco-balanced life as its concept is eco-friendly. Also, the office culture stress will reduce because of moving work from the office to home. In peoples’ lives, it will bring in mental peace and calmness Shanya Das, the co-founder, says that the work from home concept is budget-friendly. He continues that the companies can directly benefit from the reduced expenditure because of the decrease in the office culture.

Das further adds that it is the finance sector this concept will bring in a new revolution as it will help companies for generating higher revenue. For creating a team in physical offices, there is only a talent pool. He concludes that it will become easier to eliminate these physical restrictions by inviting employees from various customs, cultures, and ideologies.

Are you a graduate? Don’t worry about jobless and pandemics. Please contact us to get a job opportunity.  

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