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Salesforce Roles and Responsibilities

In the last few years, the Economy of Salesforce is booming. Salesforce is such an amazing CRM platform where will be millions of job opportunities created soon. This is a chance for fresher and experienced who want to change in career.

Salesforce is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM. All businesses in the world will have a form of CRM, which connects and automate the internal activities of businesses. Salesforce developed a lot of products to connect companies with customers. It includes sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and more.

Salesforce Roles

Detailed Roles in Salesforce Platform

The Salesforce CRM is an elaborate platform, so there are many Salesforce related jobs spotted in Salesforce partner companies.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce administrator is a role that provides value to the company by automating critical business processes. Salesforce admin will have depth knowledge and understanding of customization. There are some tasks allotted to Salesforce admin.

  • Setting up new users
  • User maintenance
  • Workflow rules
  • Managing enterprise-wide defaults
  • Permissions
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Data management and security
  • Train new users
  • Collating requirements for new processes

Salesforce Architecture

A Salesforce solution architect role is responsible for designing a solution for a problem specifically. Salesforce architects translate business requirements into a high-end technical solution. Tasks performed by Salesforce architects are

  • Projects kick-off, project planning, design and delivery
  • Manage other teams to deliver entire life cycle Salesforce implementation from inception to roll-out
  • Lead and handle project team
  • Overseeing testing
  • Making sure the solution is reliable and robust
  • Pre-sales and operational development for new projects
  • Guiding the development team through any issues

Salesforce App Builder and Developer

Salesforce app builder is one of the important roles in the Salesforce sector. They are indulging in innovation and making apps. Due to the rise of mobile businesses, there has been a rise in the demand for app builders in many enterprises.

  • Developer builds application using the point-and-click capabilities of the designs, platform, model, user interface, security for custom applications, business logic, design reports, dashboards and portals.
  • Advanced developers develop an application using Apex. Manage the app development lifecycles and environments. Write and execute comprehensive testing plans.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Salesforce marketing cloud consultant has to be experts in some areas such as Email studio, automation studio, mobile studio, journey builder, contact builder, and web studio. Marketing cloud consultants should take part in some regular tasks such as

  • Lead technical aspects of projects connected to SMS, email, CRM initiatives, landing pages, and push notifications.
  • Design, deploy, maintain and optimize lead generation, testing, marketing automation software and customer nurture programs.
  • Manage lists, data flows and suggest areas for implementation
  • Develop robust campaign documentation
  • Manage meeting deadlines, complex projects, and handling several projects
  • Manage user or subscriber data, segmentation, and import
  • Help in daily activities of marketing, lead management and campaigns
  • Develop and maintain program performance reports

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant

Salesforce sales cloud consultant role is responsible to design and implement sales cloud solutions that contribute to customer success. All the Salesforce sales cloud consultants have some regular duties and responsibilities.

  • Work with the senior consultants on building projects.
  • Design and build Salesforce system
  • Build it according to Salesforce best practices
  • Effectively prioritize project work to meet testing and sprint timelines.
  • Communicate with cross-functional team players and clients
  • Observe, attend, and contribute to requirement gathering
  • Project administration, requirement documentation, hours tracking, source code repository protocols, and other related tasks

Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce business analysts should have experience or knowledge in the implementation of Salesforce. This role requires the skill of gathering business requirements and converts them into a Salesforce solution.

  • Documenting baseline requirements and information
  • Develop and define project roadmaps
  • Liaising with stakeholders and managers
  • Taking Salesforce projects forward
  • Analyzing Salesforce implementations
  • Solving issues during testing time
  • Apply best practice methodology

Salesforce Project Manager

Salesforce project managers are overseeing the delivery of projects, ensuring that the project is delivering on time, within vision, and within the budget. Good project managers must have an elaborate range of skills such as planning, communication and end-to-end knowledge of Salesforce.

  • Oversee the projects end-to-end delivery
  • Taking responsibilities for Salesforce project delivery
  • Make sure effective planning of project timeline, including sprint planning and collaborating phases
  • Holding team players accountable for delivering their tasks on time
  • Ensure proper use of tools across the team

Salesforce Marketer

Marketing experts in the Salesforce environment can be tricky to explain shortly. Salesforce marketers use Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other tools. Salesforce marketers have multiple responsibilities.

  • Set up campaigns, ensure the marketing automation tool is synching the appropriate subscriber data to team members of the campaign.
  • Make a report on campaign influence.
  • Build email campaigns, report on their results, and make changes to optimize their goal
  • Build out automation to transform
  • Manage incoming data quality from forms
  • Be responsible for both qualifying and disqualifying leads.
  • Launch advertising campaigns
  • Track and monitor website behavior


In these recent days, youngsters want to join Salesforce related jobs to secure growth professionally and financially. Salesforce CRM platform offers plenty of roles and responsibilities. Salesforce is one of the best options for youngsters who want to start a career as a fresher.

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