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Integration Developer Career Guide

The IT world is evolving continuously, triggering the need for experts with up to date skill sets in the various software fields. In IT industries, the need for integration developers is in demand due to the functional requirements for modern applications are getting higher.

The role of an integration developer is combining or integrating software components to develop a unified set. Integration developers implement and design integration between applications, programs and software platforms.


Most youngsters have a dream to become an IT employee, but choosing a role in an IT Company is a little bit a daunting task. However, Integration developer is one of the major and superior roles in every IT company in the global.

Responsibilities of an Integration Developer

If young graduates want to become integration developers, they should know the responsibilities of this role. Integration developer is only responsible for the organizational life cycle of the information system from analysis to development.

  • Design, conception, and development of integration and interfaces architectures
  • Handle information analysis and integration of disparate systems
  • Documentation of requirements in the interface context
  • Work with business users and analysts to convert specifications into technical designs.
  • Conduct implementation, testing, and subsequent maintenance and evolution, always have an aim of achieving productivity and efficiency
  • Studying data models and data sources
  • Planning solutions and delivering integrations
  • Transform data integration models to source codes
  • Field mapping and testing interfaces
  • Ensure high quality and optimum performance of integration systems

Skill Sets required to be an Integration Developer

To carry out integration developer responsibilities, they are required to have a management or host of skills. Most organizations want analytical skills, communication skills, and creativity from an integration developer.

Technical skills are important to be an integration developer. When it comes to the skills, they must be ready to work with integrated systems, such as Informatica, SAP, and more. Strong knowledge of the application or system that is to be integrated is also important. The fresh graduates must know integration concepts and patterns such as SOAP, WS specifications, and XML schemas.

Integration developer needs to understand the implementation elements and interdependencies elements. The integrator has to work closely with servers and databases.

  • Must have experience in service-oriented architecture
  • Understanding paradigms and object-oriented languages
  • Experience in API management, micro services patterns
  • Deep knowledge in data management concepts
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to readily grasp architectural environments


To work as an integrator, fresher or experienced employees need certain skills and abilities. While a degree is a prerequisite, most IT companies look for an employee with exceptional programming skills.

Employees should have a degree in information systems, computer science, and software engineering is the most common choices to consider for fresher.


IT companies must have a team of integration developers to manage software development processes. In these digital ages, youngsters want to join as an integration developer because it’s one of the secure IT jobs in the world. Employees can be a key part of the growth of the business if they choose integration developer as a career.

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