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Role of Employer – When your performing employee is looking for a new job

It’s normal to get into disaster feeling when one of your good performing employees says, “I have decided to quit my current job.” Whatever, no IT manager wants to heat that well-performing employee on their team has a better job offer in hand. Smart managers know that they will not able to retain all their employees forever. Young experts or professionals are mostly wanted to change jobs more frequently due to various reasons like getting a hike, experience, and comfort zone.

It’s always difficult to suspect or find out that employees are looking for some fancy job opportunities. Still, many managers are clueless and what the right actions need to be taken during this situation. Employers have to follow some procedures or guidelines to tackle the situation of a top-performing employee who is ready to leave the job.

Role of Employer

Top Ways to Handle Employee Part ways

  • Build a contingency plan
  • Judge and determine how valuable the employee is
  • Understand and find out why an employee is not satisfied with his work
  • Focus on employee’s personal and career achievements
  • Look for flexibilities to support the employee to retain, but do not force them to revoke
  • Have an informal check-in with the employee

Build a contingency plan

Most employees looking for another job offer already have one leg out of the door. In this situation, it will be difficult to convince them to revoke. However, a few retention efforts may postpone an employee’s departure. Employers have to start looking for additional resources like freelancers or contractors. This is a smart move.

Judge and determine how valuable the employee is

Employers have to ask themselves how effective the employee is. Would their exit have a major impact? They need to know the employee is worthy of bringing back. If the employee can be replaced easily, doing nothing is the best act. No enterprise needs a worker on their respective team who pretends to be there.

Understand and find out why the employee is not satisfied with his work

While it might be not easy to retain an employee who’s eagerly hunting for a job change, employers can prevent other employees from following suit. This is a crucial one when the employee leaving is influential and well-liked and employers have a better offering competitor nearby. Competitors might try to take your best employees with them. Employers trying to know their reasons for leaving the job can help employers make adjustments and prevent an unwanted mass resignation.

Focus on employee’s personal and career achievements

As a manager or leader, the job of an employer is to ensure that employees reach success in their particulars. This is not for employer goals and their company. It’s for employees to reach their career and personal goals. This is might be the last try to retain the best employee.

Look for flexibilities to support the employee to retain, but do not force them to revoke

Every employee has turning points in their respective careers where they would like to explore possible opportunities. If the employer can support the employee and ask them to stay, that would be nice and ideal. However, you can’t force employees to stay. As an employer, you can offer some flexible new offers to the employee who is looking for another job. This method might work well.

Have an informal check-in with the employee

Check-in with employees and look at how they’re performing in terms of workloads, work-life balance, employee happiness, etc. This approach helps the employee to reveal their concerns and needs. Offering opportunities for employee feedback are important in these difficult situations.

Any management can build talented resources with proper training and attractive offerings. The organizational management can do only a few favors for the best employee who is ready to leave. However, everything has its boundary.

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