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Job Seekers Need awareness while using LinkedIn’s Open to Work Feature

LinkedIn is a professional Social media platform, which helps to share business news, articles, images, job vacancies, and more. LinkedIn is a top-most job searching platform where employers would like to post job vacancies. LinkedIn is now offering an “open to work” feature to help employers to know who is looking for a job currently.

Employees or LinkedIn members can share their open-to-work status in two ways such as sharing with the recruiter only and sharing with all LinkedIn members. The choice is yours, but they need to show some awareness while implementing LinkedIn’s open-to-work status.


Reasons Why Do Not Select “Share with all LinkedIn Members”

When LinkedIn members choose this particular option, the LinkedIn platform puts an open-to-work status besides their profile image, so other LinkedIn members will know that particular member is looking for job opportunities. There are some typical reasons behind do not go for this option.

  • They will be contacted anyway
  • They could hurt their chances of being contacted
  • They might get the wrong kind of attention

They will be contacted anyway

If a recruiter is using the LinkedIn platform to find candidates and your profile takes place in their search, they will try to contact you regardless of whether you hide the open-to-work indicator or not.

They could hurt their chances of being contacted

Most recruiters might be turned off by LinkedIn’s open-to-work status because they mostly prefer passive candidates who are actively looking for a job. On many occasions, LinkedIn members forget to change their status even after finding a job. It sometimes hurt employers, so recruiters never take this status as a serious one.

They might get the wrong kind of attention

However, LinkedIn members may see a growth in outreach and connection requests from search firms and some less ethical recruiters too. You need to accept and give connection requests for only quality search firms. The bad ones will hurt your job search. Even you may fall into unethical or scams when you looking for a job.

In these modern days, millions of professionals and jobseekers have been part of LinkedIn. This is a place where job seekers have more faith when it comes to job searching. However, Awareness is necessary when using the LinkedIn feature of open-to-work. It’s like a sharp knife that will help you find a job at the same will hurt job searchers.

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