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For post-pandemic success, rethinking people, productivity, and performance

There is a change in the conventional wisdom about people, productivity, and performance because of the pandemic. There is also a structural shift regarding the long-held assumptions about work effectiveness.

Organizations are now focusing on a fluid workforce by recalibrating the many aspects like employee policies, rewards, compensation, and benefits in terms of the ‘new’ workplace.

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Organizations worldwide are gearing up for migrating to the fresh way of work, not even in the ambit of the best business-continuity plans that upend even the basic concept of a ‘workplace.’  There is redefining of work and workplaces bold and innovative ways across industries.  There is a structural shift regarding the long-held assumptions about work effectiveness and the changes in the conventional wisdom surrounding people, productivity, and performance.


The professionals will consider a renewed focus on learning and reskilling as the key attributes in the new workplace. New skills like personal time management, digital talent, and other soft skills increased in value while the companies opted for remote work. 56% of people who took part in our online survey confirmed learning a new skill that was much higher than the pre-pandemic period. Companies are equipping in a way for helping employees to use their new learning and skills in practice triggered by this new trend.

Moreover, there is a paradigm shift undergoing in the workforce composition. Also, the added earnings of people through multiple sources will have strong implications on the new generation choosing their employers and in considering the employment contracts. Additionally, people will prefer roles with individual contributions rather than people management work as they want to invest in personal and professional skills. Hence, organizations are re-looking at fresh employee retention tactics because of these changing aspirations. The new tactics include opening up paid gig opportunities for existing employees to not look beyond the organization.

Lastly, organizations want to use modern data analytics tools to derive talent insights. These tools will help reveal behavioral patterns for reducing employee churn, predict attrition rates, and help to upskill employees. For example, a global lime and limestone products producer has already done that with an HCM platform. The company helped its employees gain better insights about them to create a central hub for them to learn and develop.


There was a direct impact on the performance metrics with the changing aspirations of the people. Hence, efforts are made to try and build an efficient and smarter workforce more than ever before by eliminating inadequacies and simplifying mundane tasks. By using cognitive technologies, it is achievable rather than designing systems that minimize human involvement. Organizations encourage employees to improve their critical skills to open multiple opportunities, potentially enabling their career development. It will allow the employees to spend more time and talent on tasks of higher levels.

Organizations that transform recalibrate their employee policies, benefits, rewards and compensation, and other aspects as per the terms of the ‘new’ workplace. Checking performance will be with a sharp focus on their outcome. For employees to work with no limitation during the lockdown, many organizations focus on providing them with the right tools and technology. In all dimensions of the work, there will be a bearing of this change.


Companies should rethink the ways to engage their employees as the workplace are preparing to reopen. They should focus more on enhancing the employees’ safety and health rather than reviewing measures for defining new work. Above all, they should facilitate employees with tech-enabled platforms to work at home fully with no limitations flexibly. A Gartner study confirms that employees get monitored by 16% of the employers with various methods. It includes computer usage tracking, virtual clock in and out, monitoring internal communications or employee emails. Though these measures are vital for assessing the employees’ productivity, more emphasis is essential for understanding their experience.

For employees working from home or office, digital assistants are incredible tools to allow them to ask for help through any device. It also enables them to receive personalized responses to HR queries from their preferred platforms like SMS or voice and others. This interaction will surely improve the employees’ experience that could have a direct impact on their productivity. By leveraging a modern HR platform, the Piramal Group in India ensures access across many geographical locations to a single view of the fragmented HR data. For company enhancement and to track the employees’ productivity, there are many tools in the platform. It includes collaboration tools, automated employee query handling, and HR analytics.

In constant change, HR teams further need the right tools for providing more support, making work safer and smarter. For steering the employees to navigate through the new workplace, they also need many solutions. It includes using a configurable ‘Return to the Workplace’ set of tasks for guiding them by an automated experience, personalized to-do lists, offering them information on how-to-do videos and policies. Also, to share immunization status, order with their preferred vendor an at-home testing kit and enable them to schedule a COVID-19 test. Tailored solutions for individuals will make HR put together processes for people to follow easily.

Change is the only constant adage that is more relevant in today’s dynamic world than ever before. By seizing this transformation moment, the business should achieve the ultimate goals for a healthy workplace by breaking out suboptimal systems. The major part of the workforce will return clearly with elevated aspirations, modified beliefs, and updated skill sets, and above all, with evolved work ethics. Hence, organizations need to transform and create an open culture and empathy. They also need to enable employees to be real flexible working with processes and technology. And more importantly, assume a greater environmental and societal responsibility. These trends signify the dawn of a new era, though it is for all of us to see how the world will evolve once the current crisis is over. It will be an era with the right technology and mindset surpassing the generational differences by survival for all.

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