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Content Writer Responsibilities and Career Growth in 2022

The advent of technology is bringing all information to our fingertips. We can access any information as quickly as possible technology evolvement. Many years ago, content writing wasn’t a mainstream career option, but now it turns to be one of the most important job profiles.

Content writing has become a major medium for presenting information, almost all sizes of businesses have connected or associated with it.  There are numerous opportunities in content writing for graduates who have fluent English knowledge.

Content Writer Responsibilities

Career choices in Content Writing

Content writing is one of the high demand job profiles today. No need for any particular educational qualification to get a job as a content writer. If you’re ready to become a content developer, you need to know the job options in content writing.

  • Social Media Writing
  • SEO Writing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Script Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Academic Writer

Social Media Writing

A social media writer fully is responsible for optimizing the content on different social media platforms to reach millions of audiences.  The writer has to capture the people’s interest before starting writing for social media.  Content should be attractive and market-based to keep customers engaged with a brand. This is the purpose of social media writing. Today, almost all companies run social media campaigns so you can get more opportunities to work as a social media writer.

SEO Writing

SEO writing is an effective technique of planning, creating, and optimizing meaningful content with the major goal of ranking in various search engines.  The SEO writer should deal with websites, blogs, journals, and targeted articles.  However, they need a basic knowledge of search engine optimization to drive traffic towards the brand or website. Good skills of SEO help blogs and websites rank their content on SERP.


Blogging is possibly an interesting job option in the area of content writing. Write about a particular niche only is blogging. Niches may be anything such as travel, photography, technology, service, and more. Blogger needs extraordinary knowledge and writing style to become a blogger. It’s something like sharing thoughts about a particular subject.


Copywriters are mostly responsible for developing engaging, clear content for various advertising platforms such as catalogues, websites, print ads, and more. The copywriters are also called marketing writers because they focus on customers and products. Copywriters are making content to sell things easier. A copywriter is one of the secure job profiles these days.


Editing is also one of the roles that come under content writing. The editor will evaluate the content, style, formatting, and other required things.  Editors correct errors and add needed content on the documents. Content editors need a complete understanding of grammar, punctuation, writing, and other vocabularies. They’re responsible for the final design of content.

Script Writer

Scriptwriting is a process of writing short stories and content for film, televisions, video games, and other web series.  This is also a demanding position. Nowadays, lots of companies seek scriptwriters. Natural touch, innovation, and creative ideas are important to becoming a scriptwriter.

Technical Writing

Most IT companies now are actively seeking technical writers to write and share technical information.  They also demonstrate technical documents, user guides, and other required product explanations.  They have to understand products, software applications and other data deeply to become a technical writer.

Academic Writer

In this job role, they must have vast knowledge about the different subjects and need amazing writing skills.  The academic writer has to produce well-versed educational materials. This is a specialized role that helps professionals to learn more about subjects.

Growth in Content Writing

The area of content writing is now one of the top rank jobs around the world. Specialization of content writing varies as per the requirements or types of company. Without proper content, they can’t expect more traffic to the site.  However, complete focus, hard work, and dedication are required to match the expectation of this profile.

All Sales, marketing, and customer service areas required content to express their vision, solution, and ideologies. Content Writing is a good option for people who can play with words effortlessly.  This is a suitable position for students who have a degree in English literature, but no special courses are needed to sign up for the job of content writing.

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