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Typical SEO Roles and Responsibilities

All around the globe, businesses or brands need SEO first, which is a cost-effective and viable way to reach digital audiences. Search Engine Optimization helps to bring a huge amount of traffic to the brand or website. Today, even a lot of traditional businesses now realized that they need to transform their brands to digital.

In the field of SEO, youngsters can a lot of opportunities for in-house SEO roles, freelance SEO opportunities, marketing agency SEO roles, and more. This is an amazing field where youngsters can achieve more success. Brand establishment is not possible without the involvement of search engine optimization activities.

SEO Roles

Common Roles in SEO

  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Link Builder
  • SEO consultant
  • SEO Account Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Director of SEO
  • SEO Content Writer

SEO Analyst

The basic role of an SEO analyst is to increase the audiences who visit a site or many sites. Every SEO analysts have to analyze social media pages and websites to make ideologies or recommendations for quality improvement. SEO analysts should perform competitor analysis to identify what stops bring audiences to the site.

SEO Strategist

The SEO Strategist is a job role that is responsible for implementing and coordinating SMO & SEO tactics or strategies for clients. All the strategists need to understand the goals of the organizations and marketing strategy to meet the important objectives and reach the target audience. They must know about finding the right keywords. Need to be up to date with Google algorithm changes and search trends.

SEO Specialists

The SEO specialist optimizes the enterprise’s website content to find and add relevant keywords. They are marketing professionals who use analysis and research to improve the rank of websites on different search engines. All the SEO specialists have to perform potentially for bringing the audience to the particular website.

SEO Link builder

It’s one of the SEO roles. A link builder is a specialized person who is responsible for building back links for a particular website. This is a popular website promotion process that helps to drive a huge amount of traffic to the site. Site authority is also getting increased through the link building process. A responsible SEO link builder has to link their site to other popular sites repetitively.

SEO Consultant

The SEO Consultants are mostly responsible for planning, managing, and implementing the enterprise’s complete SEO tactics. The consultants will cover most of the areas, including web marketing, content strategy planning, keyword strategy, and also link building. They also monitor the click rate, redirects, KPIs, and bounce rate of the site regular basis. Stay up to date with modern SEO, the latest marketing trends, and also best practices.

SEO Account Manager

The SEO account manager is one of the high-range SEO roles. They’re responsible for overseeing the cross-channel strategies and SEO activities of their accounts. The SEO account manager is repetitively responsible for strategic growth, performance, and other alignments of the account team.

SEO Content Writer

An SEO Content Writer who is responsible for developing content for websites, blogs and other internal pages of the sites. They have to understand search engine optimization guidelines and know how to prepare compelling, informative, and relevant articles all the time. Good articles will bring more traffic to the site and increase the visibility of the site too. SEO writers or editors have to find the right keywords before writing any content.

Director of SEO

The SEO director is a top rank position in the SEO department. The Director of SEO has to develop, implement, and effective search engine optimization strategies. Help the digital marketing team to run an effective campaign and also optimize the social media pages, website, and other content efforts.

Why Businesses Love SEO in 2022?

In recent years, the need for SEO has increased multiple times than past years. Business competition is getting increased so that businesses want to concentrate on trending SEO activities.

  • SEO helps bring organic traffic
  • Build Credibility and Trust
  • SEO is the optimal way to get the voice of the customers
  • Help to better user experience
  • Local SEO helps the user to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • Create a huge impact on buying cycle
  • Help users to understand the web environment
  • SEO is cost-effective
  • SEO might bring leads too


In this modern era, businesses would like to engage with best practices to keep the businesses stay top of the roof. SEO is the top way to make a business or brand popular. The youngsters can get many job opportunities in the field of SEO. They may join some digital marketing courses to get placed quickly. SEO roles are absolutely interesting too.

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