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Group Discussion Tips

If you are having nightmares about attending the group discussion, you are in the right place.  In recent years, GD or group discussion has become one of the important interactive hiring techniques worldwide.  But many view it as an eliminating process wherein six to eight job-seeking candidates sit together and discuss a topic.  Since one or two will only get selected among them, the pressure mounts to not get rejected.  Hence, there will surely be nightmares in the upcoming group discussion to outsmart others by displaying excellent interpersonal skills with the right body language.  But stop worrying and start practicing the following GD tips to get selected and getting one step closer to realize your dream of having a passionate profession.


Group Discussion Tips to get selected for the passionate job

  • Being prepared for the group discussion rather than worrying about it is the first step anyone can get selected.
  • Apart from the subject knowledge, update yourself on the current happenings like the pandemic and its effects on your subject, among others.
  • Understanding the needs of the organization in conducting the GD for selecting prospective employees and being ready for them that include
  • Subject knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Team playing capabilities
  • Spontaneity of thoughts
  • Body language & facial expressions
  • Before the GD starts, note down the name of all the other participants to reply to them or counter their arguments by calling their names casually.
  • Note down the points on the topic given by the panelists and if not having enough points or someone else uses your points, start noting the points of others to develop on it.
  • The best time to talk in the group discussion is when your turn comes, as shown by the panelist, or to hear your heart for appreciating or countering others’ points but precisely without wasting time and words.
  • Never get emotional or attached to your point and argue, as it will take you straight into the trap set by the other participants and panelists.
  • Always stick to the topic and never deviate from it even if other participants lead you there and never dominate too much or use personal remarks.
  • Only if you are confident of the topic speak first or be tight-lipped until your turn comes to speak, giving more value for quality than quantity or use fewer words to express your views on the topic and the opinion of it by others

The above group discussion tips will surely help you stop having nightmares and only happy plans to make your new passionate job into a successful career.

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