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Tips for writing better CV

At last, if you come across an advertisement for your dream job but have a fear of writing a better CV, then you are in the right place. Many reputed companies have database software to filter CVs in today’s fast world without the important required data. And your friends increase the fear that the recruitment experts take only seven or thirty seconds to complete a CV. Though the seconds differ, it is still only seconds for the expert to reject or proceed with the CV.  Hence it would help if you impressed the expert with the flawless CV that has the right information.  Check out the many tips to write a better CV to get past the software or the approval in seconds by the recruitment expert.  

Tips for writing a better CV

  • Never forget to do a thorough research on the company that you are sending the CV to know whether it is traditional or modern to write it better as per their requirement.
  • Prepare a new CV for each job to customize it as per the company’s need and start it with powerful words to highlight your best skills and qualification.
  • Consider recruiting by the company is to solve their problem for which they need the right person and hence write the CV to explain how you are the right person to solve the problem.
  • Write the CV within two A4 pages and make it real using minimal words to not waste words or fake any skills.
  • Do not write the skills and experience as if marketing you as a product but showing that you are the right person for the job.
  • Never write just the job description, but write it to establish how you could make a difference at work with any project work done in college.
  • Avoid writing many paragraphs and impress the recruiter by showing the skills in bullet points as it is easy for them to understand.
  • Use the best words to highlight your brownie points and make them bold to stand out from the crowd for easily viewable by the recruiter.
  • For uploading CVs to big companies, add the job title, buzzwords and other keywords to avoid rejection by the software.
  • Leave no obvious gaps as it may create suspicion for the recruiters and fill it to make the CV current.
  • Proofread the CV three or four times before uploading or sending it as any error will end up not only in rejection but losing a wonderful opportunity for a clerical mistake.

The above tips will surely help you write a better CV to make your passionate job dream a reality for a successful career.

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