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The Web Development Career Guide

Technology plays a vital role in everyone’s daily lives, from the simplest forms of applications to the most creative inventions. Every application or software has been built by a web developer. In these present days, students and youngsters want to be web developers to make their careers way better.

To the outside eye, web development can seem difficult, confusing, and something inaccessible field. Whatever, learning web development is not a rocket-science any more. Any students or youngsters can learn web development. They must learn well some programming languages with high-end practical knowledge. This is what makes them proper web developers.


In the field of web development, there are multiple roles and more responsibilities listed out.

Web Development Roles Title

The field of web development also includes many specializations. The employees or youngsters should learn the subtle differences to know which specific factors have been included in web development.

Web developer

The role of a web developer is to build websites, web applications and other software products. Web developer uses code to achieve the required functionalities and bring an aesthetic look to the product. The major role of a web developer is revolving around finding and fixing errors or bugs to optimize and improve a site.

Three Type of Web Development:

  1. Front-End Developer
  2. Back-End developer
  3. Full-Stack Developer

Front-End Developer

The important languages for becoming a solid front-end developer are CSS, JavaScript, HTML and Bootstrap. After they have experienced in these three languages, they need to start learning a few frameworks like React.js, Angular.js and more.

  • The front-end developer is fully responsible for ensuring that the product is optimized in both aesthetics and technology.
  • The front-end developers have to ensure that web visitors can interact with the site.
  • Being front-end web developers, they have to involve in some activities that may differ across companies.
  • Optimizing, developing, and maintain the user-interface
  • Using some programming languages to bring the concept to design
  • Implementing design on websites
  • Creating products or tools that enhance and increase site interaction
  • Managing software workflow
  • Following SEO practices
  • Fixing errors and testing for usability

Tools used in Front-end Development

  • Front-end web developers are using a combination of web and design development in their job.
  • Graphic Design Tools

Before begins coding, front-end developers use graphic design tools to develop a prototype of their website that lets them experiment and test with the user interface before working out the code.

Front-End Developer Frameworks:

React, angular and JQuery.

Code Editing Tools

The code editing tool has been used to write and edit the code or program. Some front-end developers would like to use lightweight editors like Notepad, while other web developers go with rich editors like visual studio.

Back-end Developer

The back-end developer role is a process that powers a website or application with a combination of programming and technology. The back-end of website development consists of three parts such as server, application, and database.

The back-end developer manages the technology needed to empower the modules which enable the user-side application. The back-end code brings up utility to everything a front-end developer designs.

Back-end Developer Frameworks

Django, Laravel, Ruby, Express and flask

Responsibilities of a back-end developer

These back-end developers are responsible for creating, debugging, testing the entire user-end. This one includes the API, core application logic, data integration, database and other back end processes.

  • Database creation, management, and integration
  • Build server-side software with back-end frameworks
  • Web server technology
  • Operating systems
  • Server-side programming languages
  • CMS development, maintenance and deployment
  • Security settings and prevent hacking
  • Reporting of statistics and analytics
  • Restore and backup technologies for a website’s DB and files

The back-end developers mostly work with the above-mentioned responsibilities across companies.

Full-Stack Developer

The term “full-stack” indicates the capability to work on both back-end and front-end parts of the site or application.

It refers to the design and development of modern, end-to-end, and cutting-edge applications including server-side and client-side development.

One of the reasons why full-stack developers are high in demand is flexibility. The educated person got the skills to work with a range of frameworks and tools for both front-end and back-end.

Responsibilities of Full Stack Developers

Many youngsters have chosen full-stack developers as their career path, and many developers are also on their way to become full-stack developers. This is one of the high demand roles due to its benefits of development, cost-efficiency, and technical abilities.

  • Build visually attractive, dynamic, end-to-end software applications or products including front-end and back-end
  • Ability to design the user interaction, user experience, complete and responsive architecture
  • Ability to work with several databases, third-party apps, APIs and others
  • Provide analytical insights on random improvement and add functionality as per requirements
  • Design and create a strategy for continuous performance optimization, scalability, and more
  • Stay updated with frameworks, new tools, architectures and approaches on the development side
  • Transform user needs into a complete product or tool from conception to implementation
  • Ensure multi-platform compatibility and fix problems during the phases of test and production
  • Manage a team of developers and collaborate with them for the performance of the product
  • Leading the team of developers, designers and other staff.

The above-listed responsibilities will help youngsters who want to become full-stack developers.

Why Pursue a Web Developer Career?

Resolving Issues

The growth of web development is rapid-paced, and it’s a most demanding role that requires exceptional problem-solving and innovation.

Variety of backgrounds

While many developers come out from a technical background or more analytical background, anyone can become a web developer with a decent effort. Basic graduation and knowledge are enough to learn and to be a developer.

High Demand

Most companies face a tough time finding certified and qualified web developers, and the demand is increasing.

Learn new things

developers are learning continuously and advancing in their roles as the digital sector advance to the next level.


In these digital ages, web developers can see rapid growth because of the requirements of digital products. Students and youngsters always want to join in the most stable and promising job like web development. However, students have to be keen on learning programming languages to achieve their careers.

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