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The Key Tips to be an Active Listener

Active listening and give suitable feedbacks won’t be an easy task anymore. To manage your coworkers in the right way, you must be an active listener. It’s necessary to be a motivator or leader of the organization. Listening will strengthen your knowledge and guide you to give back the answers to speakers.

Listening is what you intake and think about when someone is telling you. Hearing is just only hearing, so you do not confuse these two unique words. Some tips will help you to be a keen listener.


Face the speakers with eye contact

Eye contact is a primary aspect of face to face meetings or conversations. When someone starts speaking, you must be attentive and looking at speakers without blinking eyes.  This method helps you improve your focus and listening skills.

Listen to Nonverbal Communication

Gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice can tell you just as much as what is being conveyed through words.  You try to pay attention to the speaker’s body language. It helps you identify the situation and give back suitable answers to your speaker.

Do Not Interrupt

Interruption is always irritating and disrespectful behavior. Do not replay before completion of speaker’s query. Understand clearly and start answering your speaker. This method helps you to become an active listener.

Don’t Assume Next

You should think well before answering the query. Do not try to say what’s going to be said next. It will irritate speakers. Stay calm and answer only for questions of a speaker.

Ask questions

Listening and answering both are important between the conversation of speaker and listener. If you don’t get what the speaker is trying to say, don’t feel confused and should ask questions regarding the points of the speaker. It will improve your knowledge as well as listening skills.

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