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How to Become Fluent in Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is a technique or skill of sending and receiving messages between others without the utilization of words. Nonverbal communication is all about your body language and also your co-workers. Understanding is only a key for both verbal and verbal communications.

The research reveals nonverbal communication makes up the majority of communication by body language. Sometimes, what you say is important rather than how you say. As a communicator, you should be a master in all communication ways. 


Aspects of Nonverbal Communications

There are many nonverbal communication ways such as posture, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and vocal tones.


Posture is an aspect of nonverbal communication. It can signal a message about you and others moods and personalities. Posture is about what you do with your legs, hands, arms and others.

Facial Expressions

Your facial expressions will reflect the emotions you are feeling at that moment. Facial expressions come under some basic emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and contempt. If you read others expressions well, you can catch the message even they are trying to hide it.

Eye contact

Eye contact is the best way to identify if a person is paying serious attention to you. Eye contact will display what is important, emergency and more. It’s one of the key aspects of nonverbal communication.


Gestures are a sudden movement you make while interacting with your employees, friends, and others by face, hands and other body parts. Research reveals that the average human being can display more than a hundred gestures. It’s all depending on the situation and personality of people. Some common gestures are waving hands, thumbs up, shaking the head, and more.

Vocal Tones

How you speak is one of the forms of nonverbal communication. It’s not about the words you use, but how you say to others. You converse with a low volume that can be considered untrustworthy, shy, and reserved. You speak with a high volume that will be estimated as outgoing and confident.

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