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Python Developer Roles & Responsibilities and Career path in 2022

Python doesn’t need any introduction. This is a rapidly rising programming language in the IT sector. Python developer is one of the popular and high-demand job profiles in IT companies all around the globe. Simply learning this language won’t give any credit to the developers. Understand the Python programming language in detail, and learn about the responsibilities and roles, skills, and more to become an experienced Python developer.

The Python developer can be a web developer, data analyst, data scientist, software developer, machine learning engineer, AI engineer, and automation tester.

Features of Python Programming Language

  • Python is the open-source language
  • Provides GUI programming support
  • Simple to learn an object-oriented language
  • High-end and portable
  • An interpreted and integrated language
  • Elaborate library support

Roles and Responsibilities

A typical developer of Python programming language has to write codes, design, and deploy the applications. They also debug codes and create integral systems.

Roles and responsibilities will be varied as per the industry, job profile, and other work experience.

Python Web Developer

  • Write server-side code logic
  • Work on different web frameworks
  • Integrate with the design team to collect end-user requirements
  • Develop the server-side platform
  • Deploy all the applications
  • Perform tuning, automation, improvement, and usability
  • Write some reusable codes

Python Software Engineer

  • Write and test codes
  • Develop and test codes
  • Integrate applications with third-party services
  • Implement security solutions
  • Enhance the functionality of applications
  • Provide technical solutions
  • Coordinate with various teams
  • Asses the modification requests

Automation Testing Engineer

  • Have to work on test framework tools of Python, including Pytest, Behave, and others
  • Perform difficult system tests
  • Troubleshoot coding issues
  • Develop test scripts
  • Automation framework designing
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Collaborate with the development team

Python Data Analyst

  • Work on major Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and others
  • Simply carry out analysis
  • Collate data using the script language
  • Interface with customers
  • Gather complete requirements
  • Tune applications
  • Analyze problems
  • Perform A/B testing

Data Scientist

  • Analyze each data
  • Develop predictive models for machine learning
  • Communicate and propose answers to business issues or challenges
  • Create statistical learning models
  • Work with technology teams and product management teams to understand needs and find solutions
  • Keep monitoring the recent technology trends

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Perform statistical data analysis
  • Send machine learning models into the production
  • Deep research and transform prototypes of data science
  • Deep research and execute machine learning algorithms and tools
  • Design the machine learning system
  • Develop the machine learning application
  • Perform machine learning tests
  • Train and adapt the machine learning system
  • Follow up on the latest machine learning trends

Common Soft Skills need to become a Python Expert

  • Good communication skill is important to interact with developers, designers, testers, and others groups.
  • Good analytical skills to understand the logic and algorithms
  • Flexibility to write neat, optimized, and useful code
  • Logical thinking, data analytical and other troubleshooting skills
  • Strong project management and problem-solving skills
  • Team orientation and collaboration
  • Task organization and time management
  • Creative thinking capability

Python Developer Role in demand 2022

Python is a continuously expanding, developing, and general-purpose solution that is picked up by the most top companies around the world. Python is a first choice language of most developers to develop data science applications, web applications, machine learning projects, AI, and other next-generation digital products.

In these digital ages, every IT company has openings for Python developers. Youngsters love to join courses related to Python that creates more possibilities to join in a well-secured IT industry. Python also provides some out-of-the-box solutions such as dynamic typing, Pseudo syntax, Python interpreter, simple user interface, and easy to manage.


To become a successful Python developer, youngsters need more stability, knowledge, skills, and important interest. Nowadays, most top institutes offer Python developer courses and some top MNCs offer internships. These factors help youngsters to shine as smart Python developers. The internship or course completion of Python developer certificates will help any young graduate to get a job in the IT field very easily.

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