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Common Roles and Responsibilities of WSO2 Expert

In this digitalized world, all the youngsters wish to learn new and critical programming languages, and technical courses to make their career better. WSO2 is a middleware platform that sells open-source API management solutions. Most software product development companies would like to use the WSO2 platform to design, deploy, and manage APIs. If youngsters choose WSO2 platform job opportunities, they can get a bright future certainly.

This platform allows software developers to integrate applications and services in an efficient, easy and productive way. Also, provide ease of organizing cloud applications using a set of cloud connectors.

Responsibilities of WSO2 Expert

When they want to become an expert in WSO2 solutions, they have to complete training with certification. Many top institutes offer different courses on the WSO2 platform. The certification of WSO2 can help them get a job in a top company without a hassle.

Responsibilities of WSO2 Developer

After becoming a WSO2 developer, employees have to do some regular duties as a developer.  As a WSO2 developer, they have some responsibilities such as

  • Design, code, debug, test, implement and summary WSO2 sequences
  • Develop and design various integration use cases
  • Collaborate with technical and functional customers to determine solutions that bring business value additionally
  • Work with CI and Jenkins products to automate build, dev, testing, and deployment
  • Setting up service transformation, enrichment, routing and orchestration in a platform of WSO2
  • Write integration test cases to validate the quality of code and coverage of code
  • Mentoring junior employees

WS02 API Manager Expert Responsibilities

If employees or fresh graduates get a certification of WSO2 API Manager Expert, they can get a job easily. However, experts have to take part in some regular duties. Initiate a pre-sales solution with

  • Proper domain patterns and concepts
  • A complete and solid set of product feature
  • Product message flows and architecture
  • Product customization and extension points
  • WSO2 connectors
  • WSO2 product integration with other third-party tools
  • Product migration and deployment best practices

Provide customized pre-sales demo, samples, and POCs according to use cases

  • Provide development services for API manager tool
  • Deliver and develop product extensions

What do Employees need to become WSO2 Developers?

If graduates want to become lead integration developers or ESB developers, they need something more than a degree and certification.

  • They have to know how to integrate with some backend platforms such as Zoho, Salesforce, and other web applications
  • Need demonstrated expertise in some messaging protocols such as JSON, sftp, smpp, soap, and others.
  • Must have experience in managing data sources such as HTML, Emails, Flatfiles, and other message streams
  • Extensive capabilities in APIs implementation and designing
  • Need knowledge of API building, best practices, test automation, and deployment methodologies
  • Sound knowledge over Micro service architecture
  • Must have certain experience in developing standard orchestration and mediation

This is one of the important IT jobs so employees can improve their career range if they get an opportunity to be an ESB Developer.

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