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6 Essential Graduate Job Search Tips

Even in the best of circumstances, finding your first job as a fresh graduate can be challenging; add a global recession to the mix, and it may seem downright impossible. However, just because things appear hopeless doesn’t mean that your chances of finding a job are doomed.

Best Job Search Tips for Fresh Graduates

Most youngsters need job search tips to survive in this modern era. In this competitive world, everyone needs a job to live happily. If you need one, you need to follow these job search tips for 2022.

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Identify your Career Goals

You should determine your career goals and narrow down your search before starting your job search, especially if you’re a recent graduate or changing careers. You won’t even know where to begin your search if you’re just looking for a job. Ask yourself: What kind of industry am I trying to get into? What position specifically? Do I work at my ideal job? If so, how do I get there and what steps do I need to take?

Getting the answers to these queries will enable you to narrow down your job search.

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Spend time to search a Job

A job search is not something you do on the weekends or as a side job. You must be vigilant at all times. Set aside a certain number of hours per day or certain days per week to devote to your job search, and don’t stop until you have scheduled a few interviews. If you don’t have enough free time, you can use tools, which automate the process of applying for jobs by gathering millions of job postings, matching your profile to the positions, and applying on your behalf. This is easy with 4 simple steps:

  • Upload your resume and indicate your preferred jobs.
  • launch a single or multiple job searches
  • Job finding tool will look for matches and notify you right away.
  • Apply through job-finding tools on your behalf

Don’t limit your job search to online

Social media has changed the world. As of 2022, 73% of young adults said they had found employment via social media. Participate in career fairs, approach hiring managers, or seek out career counselling services. Extending opportunities and utilizing all job search options can only be beneficial.

Use LinkedIn

Did you know that someone is hired through LinkedIn every seven seconds? That’s insane! This suggests that you should think of your profile as something akin to a resume rather than just a social media profile. In the best-case scenario, recruiters will approach you and invite YOU to apply for jobs rather than the other way around! Consequently, be sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile by

  • Using a business-related profile picture
  • Choosing the proper title and summary
  • Keeping it current with your training, experiences, and abilities.

Proper Research

Employment is a two-way street; not only do you need to fit the company, but the company also needs to fit you. Don’t just choose the first position you find when looking for jobs to apply for. Make inquiries about the company, its protocols, pay scales, and other key factors. You will have saved both you and their time if the business is not a good fit. Through the job reviews site, where you can read company reviews, look up salary ranges, and more, you can discover more about potential employers.

Keep yourself busy

You can spend some time working on yourself while you’re looking for work. You can volunteer or complete an internship related to the job or industry you want to get into. You can also take an online course. This will not only give you a new skill to add to your resume, which is always a plus, but it will also be a great way to grow your network of contacts.

The above-mentioned graduate job-hunting tips are highly valuable, so you better be aware of these things before getting into it.

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