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10 Fatal mistakes to avoid while following up during the hiring session

Navigating your first job search is not easy at all. You have to design your resume, apply to roles, research employers, and, most importantly, ace job interviews. The real tough task is getting a job in this competitive world, so job seekers need to follow up with an employer after an interview. This might create a great impression on you right from the employer’s turn. The hiring process steps are increasing due to the increased talents and resources.

The hiring process varies depending on the company’s size, vision, requirements, and other protocols. Grabbing the attention of the employer is one of the tactics to get selected in the interview process. Follow-up is one of the best strategies to get a reputed job. Whatever you do, do not make any fatal mistakes while following up during the hiring process.

Let’s talk about common interview mistakes made by job seekers.


Top mistakes to avoid while following-up 

Here are the top interview mistakes to avoid by job seekers all around the world.

  • Do not rush to your thank you note
  • Do not follow up very often
  • Do not connect with the employer or interviewer on social media
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of thoughtfulness
  • Late follow-up
  • Lacking respect for employer’s time
  • Do not take advantage
  • Do not talk about the interviewer on social premises
  • Do not slow down your job-seeking process.

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Do not rush to your thank you note

When you complete an interview, it may go well or not. Either way, a thank you letter is a respectable one. An immediate thank you letter is such a bad idea because it may indicate that you are not ready to take the job. You need to take some time (24 hours at least) to send a follow-up email after interview process has been completed.

Do not follow up very often 

A follow-up interview email is such a key strategy, but you need to take your time (at least 5 business days) to communicate with the hiring manager. If you’re following up, again and again, it might irritate the interviewer, so the chances of rejection are very high in this case.

Do not connect with the employer or interviewer on social media 

Sending a connection request to the interviewer after completing an interview is not a wise idea. Some hiring managers feel uncomfortable when you send a friend request or connection request. You need to impress your interviewer during the interview session, but not via social media. If you’re selected for a particular role, you can send connection requests without a hassle.

Lack of confidence 

Many people have started thinking about what things might go wrong after completing an interview. This is the lack of confidence that many job seekers are doing it. Confidence gives you the power to face the consequences. Rejection is not the end of the world, so you should not show any insecure feelings in your follow-up email.

Lack of thoughtfulness 

Creating an impactful impression is an art that should be owned by potential job seekers. When it comes to the interview process, you have only one shot to impress the interviewer or hiring manager. You need to be clear about your roles and responsibilities to support the company. Lack of creativity and thoughtfulness might cause rejection in the interview process. The way of following up is still working for many candidates, so you need to impress effectively.

Late follow-up   

Follow-up after interview is working well for many, but late follow-up might hurt you badly. If you have done a great job during the interview session but you don’t follow–up significantly, you might lose the job opportunity to someone who impresses the hiring manager by following up. This might happen, so you must have the awareness to secure a job.

Lacking respect for the employer’s time 

Follow-up should be strategic and also focused. Another chance to take the shot is not happening everywhere. You need to prepare a suitable, optimistic, and effective follow-up email to your hiring manager. A short and sweet follow-up email after interview will save the valuable time of your hiring manager. You should respect the time and value of your employers, which is one of the key ways to secure a job.

Do not take advantage 

After a fabulous interview session, you might feel more confident, so you’re trying to communicate with employers informally. This is wrong. You do not take any advantage before confirming the job. When you’re taking advantage, you have to pay for that later. Think wisely and follow up with your hiring managers.

Do not talk about the interviewer on social premises 

You may share the details of the interview with your friends personally, but do not talk about the interviewer and hiring managers on social media platforms. The chances of misinterpretation are very high while sharing the interview details on social media. This might be the reason that you lost a big opportunity. You need more patience and awareness to secure a job in this competitive world.

Do not slow down your job-seeking process.

You performed well in the interview. Now it’s the big time to wait and sit back for the managers to offer you the job. This is a bad dream too. A company’s needs and budget are not always stable, so you have a zero percent guarantee of securing a job in this competitive era. You have to apply for various roles again and again. You should not slow down your job-seeking process for any reason, because hard work will pay the price. If you’re looking for a job around Trichy, here is the best online job portal in tamilnadu. is the best IT job portal for people who are looking for IT jobs. Follow-up and do not expect anything positive all the time.

A post-interview follow-up email is increasing the possibility to secure a job in a company, so you need to be careful in this section.

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