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When on Leave – Who does my work.. !! 

Your superior has given the green light for your leave request, and you are now eagerly awaiting your highly-anticipated break as you keep track of the days left. You might already be on Holidays in your mind, but there are a few bases that absolutely must be covered at work before you exit the office building.

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1. Create a Game Plan

A productivity expert suggests that it is always a good idea to keep a list of your ongoing projects readily available, especially before taking time off.

  • Include a summary of each project,
  • its current status,
  • deadlines that will hit in your absence
  • Any necessary contacts.

An important part of this step includes anticipating any problems, Making a list of possible worst-case scenarios, and providing clear instructions as to how co-workers should handle each. Don’t rely on them to determine their course of action.

2. Arrange the Hand-Off

Those handling your work must understand exactly what they’ll be doing while you’re gone. Arrange a meeting with the person taking over your responsibilities to go over what is expected.

Want to get on their good side? Buy them tea or at least coffee; while you meet with them as a thank-you for having your back.

During the meeting, give a comprehensive summary of the responsibilities they will be taking on, including any necessary resources or documents. Carefully review each item to ensure they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and be available to answer any questions they may have for further clarification.

If they’re taking on a task for you that is outside their usual set of responsibilities, you may also want to practice these tasks together, in person. By thoroughly preparing before you leave, you can minimize the amount of work waiting for you upon your return. You should be able to resume your tasks smoothly as if you had never taken time off.

3. Bring Your Boss Into the Fold

Just because your supervisor approved your time off request, it doesn’t mean that you should completely disappear from their radar. Schedule a quick in-person meeting to update your boss, or send them an email outlining which of your colleagues will be taking over your responsibilities while you are away.

Additionally, inform your boss of any potential issues you have identified and the steps you have taken to instruct your coworkers on how to handle them. This shows strong leadership skills and demonstrates that you have taken proactive measures to keep your important projects moving forward.

Cover Your Future Bases

Before you realize it, you will be back in the thick of work and the daily routine, so it’s crucial not to waste your valuable time responding to company emails and connecting to work servers. Take care of any loose ends beforehand so you can relax like a true professional. Finding the right balance between your job and personal life can be challenging, and you don’t want to compromise either. Make a habit of striking the right balance throughout your career.

Be Proactive
Be Responsible
Act like a Pro….

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