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Business relationships – Do’s and Don’ts

Business relationships are crucial in the corporate world. Your professional network can provide you with a range of opportunities, from landing new business deals to finding mentorship or getting advice. However, building and maintaining successful business relationships requires effort and careful consideration. Effective teamwork and positive relationships can take your business to another level certainly.

Below are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to establishing and nurturing business networking.



  • Get involved in your industry – Attend industry events, trade shows, and conferences to meet potential clients and customers, as well as other professionals in your field. This is an excellent opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and showcase your expertise.
  • Join relevant online communities and forums – Participating in online networking groups and forums provide a platform to connect with others in your industry and build a virtual network.
  • Stay in touch with your contacts – After building connections, it’s important to keep in touch. Send occasional emails or LinkedIn messages, or connect with them on social media to maintain the relationship.
  • Be interested in others – People are naturally drawn to those who are interested in them. Ask questions and actively listen to what others have to say to build rapport and establish a connection.
  • Offer help – When someone in your network asks for help, be generous with your time and expertise. This is a great way to build trust and strengthen your relationship. Successful collaboration starts from offering help, so you must try to offer business perspective assistance to your co-workers and partners.
  • Follow up – After a meeting, be sure to send a quick follow-up message to show your interest in maintaining the relationship. A follow-up message also helps keep you top of mind.

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  • Don’t be a salesperson – When networking, your goal should be to build relationships, not to sell your products or services. Coming across as pushy or sales-like can turn people off, hindering your chances of making a valuable connection.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Reaching out to your network for help or advice is a sign of strength, not weakness. Most people are happy to help if they can.
  • Don’t forget to listen – Professional communication is a two-way street. Pay attention to what others have to say and be an active listener. This will help you understand their needs and build a stronger relationship.
  • Don’t ignore the follow-up – Following up is an essential part of building and maintaining relationships. Neglecting to follow up can send the message that you’re not interested in maintaining the connection.
  • Don’t forget to be gracious – Express gratitude and appreciation for the help you receive. A simple thank-you note or message can go a long way in maintaining good relationships.
  • Don’t burn bridges – Business is a small world, and you never know when you’ll cross paths with someone again. Be professional and respectful, even in difficult situations, to avoid burning bridges.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, business relationships are key to success in the corporate world. By following the do’s and don’ts outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to developing strong, productive relationships that can help you achieve your goals. Building business relationships takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. So get involved, reach out, and start building valuable relationships today.

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